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Sunday, May 07, 2006


We don’t need no stinkin’ Badges.

One is a little perturbed about all these stories that keep on surfacing about certain persons complaining about the display of the Cross of St George or Union flags. The ground for the complaint seem to be that the wearer of either symbol automatically displays their allegiance to the right wing BNP or may ‘offend’ non indigenous persons in the UK.

Although I am no fan of the BNP, such complaints on the home soil of my country cause me great offence. Whilst on duty I must keep my opinions firmly to myself, but off duty I am outraged by any such suggestion, but I’m also as offended by the hijacking of the Union flag for political ends as I am for ‘In-ger-land’ fans who use the flag of St George as a badge for their unpleasant antics. As memory serves; not so very many years ago, the only place you would see the flag of St George celebrated was on 23rd April from Church Steeples and at Archery contests. Seeing it paraded on the shoulders of drunken football supporters always makes me wince. Yes, I suffer from patriotism – it’s not a crime – yet.

As a protest at said complaints, when on duty during this summer I shall be wearing my British / American flag badge, my British / Canadian flag badge, the cross of St George / Union flag, and perhaps (If I can find one) a France / England badge as well. Any liberal lefty / officious other, who wants to complain about their display may find my unwelcome attention drawn towards their vehicle. I may be less than merciful.

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