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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Leave glorious leave

Holiday! A whole week of footslog free lazing around! A welcome break for me poor old plates of meat. Even if it is slightly involuntary.

The story follows thus; Four weeks ago Kerry, who was in one of her ‘I want this done’ moods – called me to the Office - immediately.
“Morning Kerry, what’s the kerfuffle?” I said when I arrived. Best to put on an innocent face, just in case I have made a serious cock up.
“Sit down please Bill.” She said. Oh dear, I’m in trouble aren’t I? This is about that Councillor I nicked in a disabled bay isn’t it? I sat down as I was bid and internally steeled myself for a telling off.
“Holidays.” She said tersely. What?
“Sorry.” Okay, I’m confused.
“Holidays Bill. You haven’t booked many.”
“Er, well, I’ve been thinking about them. I just haven’t got round to booking any.” Why is she cross with me?
“I need you on duty Bill for certain days this summer. I was checking your file yesterday and noticed you’ve got most of your leave entitlement left.”
“Right. I’d better use it or lose it then.” Phew, and I thought I was in trouble.

For the best part of an hour we went over the schedules, ensuring Kerry got her patrol cover and I got my leave used before the end of October, when my entitlement runs out. The upshot of this is that all this week errant motorists will be safe from my personal parking predations. The bad news is that we’ve got full patrol cover anyway.


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