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Friday, May 05, 2006


Back to politics

One of the reasons I haven’t blogged about the scattergunning of scandals that is currently puncturing the current UK government are twofold. Firstly I didn’t want to prejudge any issues; and secondly others like Guido Fawkes and the Recess Monkey do it so much better than I could because they are close to the wellspring off corruption.

Following the local election results I can’t say I feel sorry for the current UK Governments reshuffle panic reaction, since their undoing has been mainly by their own hands (Or in at least one case, allegedly by a secretary). Poorly thought out knee jerk legislation and half hearted ‘reforms’ that should never have come within twelve gazillion light years of the statute books; the notion that one could gain political power and a title by virtue of a large enough donation to party funds. My thoughts are that we have not heard even half of it yet.

As for my little portion of the world, life will go on no matter who wins what. I am reminded of the (Apocryphal) tale of an old French Farmer who watched Napoleons army marching along the road bordering his land on the road to Quatre Bras crossroads. One of Napoleon’s scouts stopped at the farm to water his horse. “Who’s he?” Said the old man, watching Napoleon ride past on his elegant white steed.
“You don’t know?” Said the astonished Officer.
“No. What are you lot up to anyway?” Replied the old Farmer.
“That, my ignorant friend, is the Emperor Napoleon who is going to fight a great battle for you.”
“Why?” Said the Farmer.
“For the glory of the Republic, you old fool! To make everybody’s life better!” Sneered the officer.
“Oh.” Responded the old man mildly. “Make life better eh? Will the glory of this Republic milk my cows and goats, prune my vines or get my hens to lay bigger eggs?”
“Don’t be stupid.” Said the Officer.
“What’s the good of the glory of the Republic then?”
The Officers reply was not recorded.

Ave Duci novo, simili duci seneci (Work it out for yourself)

Final comment. If it is said that political power is a powerful aphrodisiac; John Prescott is living proof of this assertion. ‘Nuff said.


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