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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


A little local difficulty part 2

A little background update on house owner and builder, who have not yet cottoned on that it’s me who keeps chucking their cones and breeze blocks etc in their skip. Neither are local, nor have any real idea of the kind of neighbourhood their property is in.

May I explain; unlike many places in England, our little bunch of streets has what you might call ‘community spirit’. I talk to my neighbours, they talk to me, and we generally sort things out on a one to one basis without the need for ‘official’ intervention. Most of us are used to this. We grew up in places where you knew who your neighbours were. You made a point of saying hello and inviting them over when they first moved in. The secret appears to be getting people to talk about themselves and their interests, whilst keeping your own mouth firmly shut and your prejudices on hold.

Problems arise when there are those who have no interest in living in a particular place appear. New house owner will not be moving in himself but is only interested in his property as a ‘buy to rent’ opportunity. Ergo, he has no interest or involvement in the social life of the street. This is okay, but when it comes down to inconveniencing the inhabitants, there’s no real first line means of resolving any potential conflict. Ergo, builder kept on putting out breezeblocks, which kept on getting chucked in his skip.

The good news is that the builder has stopped putting out the breezeblocks. Took him long enough to get the hint.

Oh yes, I am happy to announce that the true, hidden purpose behind the Internet is now public domain. This is important information that demands a wider audience; just follow this link for the unexpurgated and perhaps (To some) unpleasant truth. Conspiracy theorists should take note.


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