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Monday, November 28, 2005


Yo! Snow – oh.

Well, after all the fuss and palaver – where was it? What happened to the snow, the huge deluge of white stuff that was coming to bring the nation to a standstill? With the exception of the Okehampton bypass in Devon and Cornwall, Wales and Scotland that is. For the past week the weathermen have been predicting chaos, confusion and mayhem in our locale. What I wanted to ask is; right chaps, where was the snow? Coming right down the back of my neck this afternoon - that’s where.

Today we got a forecast for a showery morning and cloud with sunny spells in the afternoon, then what happens? Nice dry early morning with the odd bit of sun poking through - then down it comes. So much for the morning weather forecast.

Now it’s been bloody cold out on patrol this last few days, but that’s about it. No white crystalline precipitation, nada. I felt rather cheated. Nothing out of the ordinary apart from near constant scolding of errant Christmas shoppers who whine “But it’s Christmas!” at you when they double park, block the streets and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

Sometimes it’s like being a school teacher with a multitude of naughty children to look after. They know the rules, complain like buggery when someone else is at fault but don’t seem to see why the rules should apply to them. Then the minute you’ve cleared a street and turned the corner, they’re back again. So you get into the habit of playing a grown up version of the kids game, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’, leaving the end of a street and back tracking five minutes later to catch all the idiots who think that we won’t be back for half an hour at least.

At least it cleared the streets. All the would-be malefactors sought spaces in the multi-storey car parks where their shiny pride and joy wouldn’t get all that nasty cold white stuff all over them. I slunk off into one of the multi storeys on my beat and pretended to patrol there until tea time. As the snow was beginning to stick and road markings became obscured by slush, we all got pulled off patrol.

Now I’m not too fussed about rain and snow, it can precipitate as hard as it likes and I’ll just find myself a dry little nook to see and be seen from. Not that there was much booking to do when the white stuff started drifting down from the skies.


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