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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I love my dog.......but

Afternoon walk with dog (Off leash) down to the shoreline to see what the storm had done at the waters edge. Dog (See centre of poor picture below) goes out of sight while I'm doing a spot of beach combing. Dog is not required to be on a lead in this area, so I'm quite happy to let him run free.
Stopped to watch Sea Otters fooling around in the water a couple of hundred yards away and didn't notice that Dog had gone his own sweet way. Spent a short while replacing a few rocks in the home made beach stairway (It's a sort of a local thing, everyone who uses the path helps fix it) so I could easily return to the woods from whence we had arrived. I was so busy that I did not worry that Dog was nowhere to be seen. Usually, he never strays far from me, so I didn't concern myself overly with his absence.

A quarter hour later, having finished what I was doing, I set off up the steep slope home. Called dog repeatedly, worried somewhat if some of the more carnivorous local wildlife had invited him for an informal lunch. I couldn't hear or see anything of him, which was less than usual. Swore under my breath at the disobedient animal, then climbed the track and strode down the short lane to our house, hoping that the stupid animal was okay. Went to the back door and called him. No response. Called for Mrs S repeatedly. Neither responded. Turned the air a pale shade of cobalt with my language, shut the door and quickly retraced my steps.

Mrs S was coming up the other path from where we had been beach combing, obviously worried sick because dog had arrived home without me. We returned home, glad that everybody was fine. "When Dog came back on his own, I thought you'd fallen down the cliff." She said. "I waited. but it was getting dark."
"No, the damn animal buggered off without me." I responded, and gave her a hug for caring.

Dog has forfeited post walk biscuit for running off home without me and worrying Mrs S sick. I hope he understands why.

On the lighter side, it could have been worse, I could really have fallen and been unable to call for help. Even so I was carrying my phone to call for help if need be. We're out at the edge of civilisation here, and the downside of living here is that there are Bears and Cougars around, and even I would be an easy lunch for one of them had I really been hors de combat. As Mrs S remarked. "There's a lesson here."

Yeah, keep an eye on the dog, and don't let him prance off on his own to worry everyone else to death. I do love my brain dead mutt, but sometimes, just sometimes.........

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Jack Russell terrier I used to have (put down at age 16 a month ago) was like that; lovely dog, clean in the house, very nice and affectionate but once outside she had absolutely no sense of direction at all.

Worse, she wasn't all that good at coming back. You could get a semblance of obedience if you were carrying food; white chocolate covered raisins worked a treat, for instance. But the problem remained that you spent most of your time wondering where the dog was.

Then I had a brainwave: I put a cat-bell on her collar. The best ones came from a type of rubber dog toy, and they gave a really loud noise. After that it was easy: as long as you could hear the bell, you were OK. Stop hearing the bell, and it was time to call the dog back.

It also had the effect of giving the local wildlife an early warning of impending canine doom; didn't impair the dog's enjoyment of hunting bunnies but made it easy for the wildlife to keep out of the way (and reduced the feelings of guilt if some rabbit did manage to get caught).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 10:58:00 am  
Anonymous Dave the Dog said...

Good post Bill. AT least you know that Mr Muttley will head off home should anything go wrong and alert the better half.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 6:02:00 pm  

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