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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Naked greed and hatred

Ahem, I am caving in here to commercial pressures and put a little 'PayPal' button on the sidebar so that any dear, sweet, (Hurls breakfast - sorry about the mess) reader who feels charitably inclined towards this poor old, knackered (Coff, and even more pathetically, coff, coff) ex-enforcement officer can make a direct donation towards keeping this bog alive. I've tried putting stuff up for sale, writing a book and Google's Adsense, now this. Spare a penny or two guv'nor(s) and I'll keep the rabid drivel even more rabid. Hells bells, I'll even (Oh dear God the shame of it) do request items.

Tell you the truth, I've had a day. Immigration were not sympathetic and said bluntly about Mrs S's updated and activated Social Insurance Number; "Oh dear, they shouldn't have done that." The 'They' being Services Canada. Apparently, according to Immigration, even though the Tax people said that the opposite was the case, until our Permanent Residency application is processed (An event I am told which is three years in the future), my wife cannot use her SIN number to get a job. We have to still go the long way round, despite the fact that she is officially a 'Landed Migrant' and the SIN cards legitimacy has never been questioned by anyone else.

Now if you'll forgive me, I'm not a little miffed about this. I've put a lot of emotional capital into this emigration thing, and to be constantly rebuffed in this manner is something I thought I'd left behind on the streets of England. At about half past eleven this morning I announced to Mrs S; "Sorry love, I've lost the will to live." and went and sulked in the car reading John Grisham's 'King of Torts' while she went to the other two appointments she had arranged for early afternoon.

All the extra immigration rules that have come in since the events of 9/11 have made the lives of us ordinary folk just that much harder, and I not only blame the politicians for tying the hands of the security services and Police, but I also blame Osama Bin Laden and his fellow travellers for declaring a pointless war on the West. If it hadn't been for that egomaniacal half wit, Mrs S and I would be well on our way to being citizens of Canada right now.

When he dies and is buried, should the opportunity arise, I intend to take a pilgramage to his grave, and then I am going to piss all over it. I suspect I may have to join an extremely long queue. This is not because I have anything against Islam as a religion, just that particular cunt. Then when I die, I am (If there is such a place) going straight to Hell and volunteer for a job as a demon just so I can torment that motherfucker and all his little friends for the whole of eternity. He'll be there, no one can kill that many and go anywhere but. It'll be worth it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be more inclined to blame the Americans, or at least our governments shameless pandering to them.

"Blame Canada" seems to be a typical response by US politicians. The 9/11 terrorists? Snuck in through Canada. Drugs? It's those BC marijuana-growing narco-syndicates. Illega Chinesel immigrants? They're sneaking across the Canadian border.

Each case a self-serving lie that takes on a life of its own, and costs us money and hassles. (The terrorists flew in directly from Saudi Arabia, most US pot is home-grown, the main port of entry for illegal Chinese immigrants is San Francisco…)

I remember when we were forced to upgrade airport security (or have our US flights banned). We spent billions upgrading security, when our pre-9/11 security was better than the US post-9/11 security.

Now you're caught in the fallout. Too bad. If our government had a bit more spine, they'd have realized that nothing we do will placate the Americans for long and stood up for our soverignty, and honest immigrants liek you wouldn't be hung out to dry. :-(

Saturday, November 10, 2007 2:42:00 am  

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