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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Why you’ll rarely meet Traffic Wardens socially…. Because they’re working – or maybe not

The trouble with working shifts is it plays almighty havoc with your social life. The money’s good and there are times when not having to drag your lazy fat arse out of bed until midday is a positive pleasure, but you miss out on the ‘bankers hours’ benefits of the nine to five crowd.

One of my greatest annoyances is shift times when there’s a movie I really want to see on at my local cinema. For example, I was keen to go and watch V for Vendetta, but my shift patterns didn’t coincide with the showings. Now I’ve missed it (bummer), and it’s pay per view or wait for the DVD. Similar thing for the theatre and a few other entertainments, like comedy nights. However, Mrs Sticker and I have installed a TV set in our bedroom with a DVD player. No aerial for the TV, just a DVD player to use as a primitive ‘home cinema’. Last rental was ‘Lord of War’ starring Nicholas Cage. May I recommend it as a wonderfully dark satire on world politics and the proxy power games of nation states. I don’t want to give the game away if you haven’t seen it, but the first pre title sequence is an absolute hoot. However, if you get frightened by loud bangs – hire a Disney movie instead. I like my entertainment with a surreal streak of midnight running through it, like this one.

Day off tomorrow, and I will be hitting the keyboard heavily. Youngest is on Spring break, Mrs Sticker is away on three day shopping jaunt with sister in law down in the smoke, eldest is either at work or out with boyfriend; so it’s just me and the dog. On the other hand I may just have a lazy day and take the weight off my blisters.

That reminds me, must book a holiday. Somewhere quiet where there aren’t many cars would be nice. Maybe a farm holiday down Devon somewhere. Sea views, fresh air, the odd spot of sunshine and a pub with real ale within walking distance. That’ll do me.


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