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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Right foot forward?

There’s a lot of comment in the mainstream media at the moment about the much vaunted report from the Joseph Rowntree Trust, which says that 20% of the electorate would, or would consider voting for the right wing British National Party. My comment is simple; Large party politicians are further out of touch with the wishes of the electorate than they should be. After all, is not the Government supposed to work for us? Not the other way around.

Just an observation.

On another tack, my good friend Bina Lobster sent me an E-mail from with a link from the Guardian about bloggers having ‘disproportionate’ online ‘influence’ on public opinion. Werll, yers, sort of, maybe, kind of thing. Personally I’m sceptical. Certainly about any ‘influence’ this particular blog might have. I mean come on. I’m a particular minority voice here. Parking Enforcers, sometimes with good reason, are amongst if not the most despised and maligned workers in the Law Enforcement sector. There are voices out on the Internet who would cheer every one of us killed doing our job. How many other Parking Enforcers blog? Two, three if you include this one. How many people read this blog? About eight hundred regulars by my reckoning. That’s all you lurkers included. Influence? I’m yet to be convinced.

Helm all ahead rant factor 6 for the next section. Phasers on stun. Right. I went in for tea break this afternoon to be confronted by the two biggest airheads on the team gabbling loudly to their friends on their mobile phones. Their work phones, which are for working purposes only. The mobile phones which are our back ups for the occasionally intermittent radio’s we use. Look, I’m no killjoy, but these guys are just taking the piss. All they seem to do is wander around with a mobile clamped to their ears while the rest of us carry them. We can see these guys slacking, organising their social lives, while the rest of us graft like good ‘uns. In essence, we are doing their jobs for them, earning them their pay packets. How the hell they get away with it is beyond me. Cell phones and ring tones – I’m with this character.


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