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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Daffy thoughts

One of the benefits of working in the great outdoors, despite having to go and tick off naughty people who park where they shouldn't, is you get everything first hand. Well, you get people mouthing off when you book them, but strange to relate, you tend to have more civilised conversations with people (Well I do) than abusive ones.

This afternoon, whilst I was chatting to an elderly couple who wanted directions to somewhere, my eyes wandered to the car park verge and espied a single solitary daffodil blooming in the late winter sun. As I made my way back to base past a row of cars I had checked out earlier, I was surprised by the sheer amount of flowers just on the cusp of blooming. Not only that but crocuses and snowdrops made isloated little solitary blobs of colour on the tired winter turf under semi skeletal branches. Branches which are covered in buds just waiting to split into the green of early spring. You know the kind of green I'm writing about? Not the tired green of winter but the colour of something awaiting its turn to be alive. The promise of an end to dormancy. Never fails to lift my mood. Didn't stop me booking people on double yellows today, but at least they should be happy to note that every ticket I handed out today was done with a song of spring in my heart.


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