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Monday, February 07, 2005


Day off

One of the benefits, some would say drawbacks of my job as a Traffic Warden is the 7 day a week rotating shift work that means you work three weekends a month. For my part this means I get the house to myself with only the Dog to disturb me while I meander through some odd jobs.

Have disconnected the TV and shoved it in the spare room with all the other junk. The kids have their own TV's and Mrs Sticker has a small set in the kitchen to watch if she wants. This has the effect of giving me a space for the new turntable I bought for the stereo. Nothing fancy, just something to play my old 12" LP's any time I feel like a wallow in nostalgia. Put on some sounds, made some decent coffee and had a leisurely read of the newspapers, having splurged out on the Torygraph, Grauniad and the Incontinent and only found news items which annoyed me. Decided to take a leaf out of Cass Browns notebook and not take anything very seriously. I really admire Cass's attitude and hope that if I ever had to walk the same path could show as much old fashioned courage as he does. So I read the Rockall Times instead which cheered me up no end.

Still haven't made much progress with the lost comments file, but will keep on badgering support until I get an intelligible answer.

Am just trying out my turntable to play one of my precious 12" vinyls. Oh dear. No wonder I now use a CD player. How did we put up with all those odd little rumbles and hisses? Maybe I should get new vinyl copies or CD's instead. Not today though. Am just about to disappear into a good book chased by a large measure of Jamesons. If the Dog is really unlucky I might let the kids take him for a walk. TTFN.


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